IRAQ The Rest Of The Story
Presented by Col. Michael C. Howard, USMC Ret.

See and hear a unique “first person” history of service to the
people of Iraq, recounted by a soldier, neighbor and father.  
You will gain new insight into the courageous and meritorious
work U.S. troops are doing to transform the lives of Iraqi
families by reaching out with compassion and introducing
hope to a place that has know mainly tyranny, terror, and

Col. Howard sheds light on the experiences of many of those
who've served there that have been largely ignored by the
mainstream media.  He shares his personal stories about:
The Good People

The Dangers

The Horrific Past

The Hopeful Future
A Powerful Story of Meaning and Purpose

Marine Col. Mike Howard, leading combat operations, city reconstruction, humanitarian
assistance and community relations in two tours of Iraq, brings forth the day-to-day life
of those fine men and women serving our nation and the future of the Iraqi people.  
Discover, through his personal perspective, why so many in our armed forces believe
so strongly in what they’re doing and are so motivated to succeed - and, as the latest
news shows, they are!
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IRAQ The Rest Of The Story